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Holistic web-based Radio and IP analytics platform. Made by engineers for engineers.

What Is It?

Questio Analytics Platform is a web-based platform which utilizes traditional measurements coming from drive tests, IP level captures, and data collected by autonomous measurement probes. It transforms the raw data sets into insightful and actionable information to help resolve specific problems.

A powerful visualization engine combined with fully customizable views and reports shortens dramatically the time needed for drive test analysis, issue troubleshooting, and report preparation. The design philosophy of Questio Analytics Platform is: "Fewer windows, fewer buttons, fewer clicks"‚Äč.

From the drive test to ready for use reports in 3 easy steps:

  1. Data Collection - Perform a drive test and upload the log files to Questio
  2. Data Processing - It only takes a few minutes
  3. Analyses and Reporting - All you need is in Questio Analytics Platform

Why Use It?

  • No Startup costs
  • One License for All Technologies - GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Eliminates the need of a big number of post-processing and analysis tools
  • Fair licensing with no surprises or hidden costs
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Fast and intuitive navigation in drive test campaigns and log files
  • Full automation of the data processing chain
  • Instant and constant access to all data and reports
  • Centralized data repository with 24/7 online access to log files, data, and reports
  • Completely customizable report builder that enables fast report creation and allows for cross-company report standardization
  • Enables easy historical or competitive network performance benchmarking
  • Fits into any budget and grows with your needs

What Can It Be Used For?

  • Single site and cluster acceptance reporting
  • Cluster verification and optimization
  • Benchmarking analysis and reporting
  • In-depth drive test analysis
  • Indoor performance analysis
  • Network level troubleshooting and reporting
  • Customer complaint investigation

Special Features

  • Drive Test Management module - Request Drive test campaigns and follow up on execution and file upload
  • Customer Complaint module - linking the latest drive test data with complaint locations and details
  • Network Level Coverage/Quality - calculates and presents the most recent coverage/quality drive test measurements on a single map layer
  • Custom Report Wizard - enables the creation of report templates in just a few clicks
  • Report Export Wizard - enables the generated reports to be exported outside of Questio in different file formats

Subscription Plans

(single user)
Small Business
(up to 5 users)
Small Operator
(up to 15 users)
Large Operator
(unlimited users)
Number of concurrent users1515Unlimited
File processing priorityBest Effort*Best Effort*Up to 1 hourNear real time
File Repository (store and download files)NoYesYesYes
Log File storage timeN/A3 months12 monthsUnlimited
Data storage time1 month3 months12 monthsUnlimited
Network Level Coverage/Quality moduleNoNoYesYes
Drive test campaigns project management (optional)NoNoYesYes
Customer Complaint management moduleNoNoYesYes
Aggregated Data DashboardNoNoNoYes
Multi screen supportNoNoNoYes
SupportBest EffortUp to 14 working daysUp to 5 working daysPremium Real Time Support
Monthly fee for access to the Questio platformRequest QuotationRequest QuotationN/AN/A
Annual fee for access to the Questio platformRequest QuotationRequest QuotationRequest QuotationRequest Quotation

*Best Effort means that files will be handled on a shared machine and the time needed for processing will vary depending on aggregated load.

Schedule a Demonstration

Find out why Questio Analytics Platform is the most efficient way to do drive test analyses and reporting by getting a demonstration from our team of experts.