Since 2001 Questio Solutions has been a provider of radio planning, optimization consulting, and niche software development services to the telecommunications industry. The very essence of the company is the synergy between experienced telecom engineering and divergent thinking software developers.

The company's main asset is our team of creative and highly professional engineers with many years of experience in delivering multinational projects.

  • Hands-on experience with the main vendors in the telecommunications industry
  • Successfully completed Projects with Tier 1 Mobile operators around the world
  • State of the art internal processes and tools allowing fast, accurate and precise completion of all projects

What do we offer?

Radio Planning Services

Implementation of new networks, technology or services sometimes requires experience which is not available within mobile operators.

We offer:

  • 2G/3G/4G Radio Network Planning
  • Initial nominal planning – including Link budget, coverage design and target achievements using planning tools (like Atoll, Aircom, and etc.)
  • Equipment selection and antenna design
  • High level (Network) and Low level (cell sites) parametrization
  • In-building coverage design
  • Special scenarios planning and argumentation – micro cells, repeaters, small cells

Drive Test Analyses and Reporting

Questio Team will convert your drive test data into meaningful insights which will be used for network improvements. We will submit the final report faster than anybody on the market because most of the repetitive tasks are fully automated in Questio Platform. Our experienced engineers utilize their time with analyses and troubleshooting only.

We offer:

  • Flat per report price
  • Report preparation based on your template or using our library of templates
  • Coverage and service quality validation
  • Abnormal even root cause analyses
  • KPI Benchmarking including weak/strong side analyses
  • Cross operator KPI Benchmarking
  • Cluster/Polygon Monitoring
  • Recommendations for performance improvement

Radio Optimization Services

Keeping network performance to the top standards is vital for any mobile operator. What we offer is to completely own the whole process for network performance optimization. Our experts will be your radio SWAT team in times of crises.

We offer:

  • Network Parameter audits
  • Network performance and quality investigation and monitoring
  • Network/cell parameter tunning
  • New features / technology introduction – including parameterization, implementation, and verification
  • Network KPI benchmarking

Network Development Consultancy Services

New technology features implementation based on latest standards and best practices worldwide. Questio team is always aligned with the latest releases and features of main vendors and operators. Our expertise can bring in short time improvement for your network using new technology implementations

Network Performance Autonomous Testing

A cost-efficient solution for network performance and customer experience evaluation. Deployment of Gossiper RF/IP measurment robots and Questio Analytics Platform making that task possible with low investments and fast and accurate results.

We offer:

  • Vendor-independent point of view
  • Deploy any number of measurement robots developed by Questio
  • Easy web access to measurement results
  • Almost real time

Benchmark Performance Monitoring and Testing

High competition and a fast-changing environment. Benchmarking is vital to stay ahead of the game.

We offer:

  • Before/After Swap verification
  • Inter-operator performance comparison
  • Feature performance tests
  • Cluster/polygon monitoring and comparison
  • Voice quality and data tests