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Cloud platform for drive test analyses and reporting.


What Is Questio?
Why Use It?
Use Cases


All you need in Drive Test analysis and reporting

Questio is a web-based analytics platform which utilizes measurements coming from standard drive test equipment. It transforms the raw data sets into insightful and actionable information to help resolve specific problems. The platform is a replacement and an alternative of the old-school desktop solutions like Actix Analyzer, Tems Discovery, Nemo Analyzer, Rohde & Schwarz ROMES and Accuver XCAL.

A powerful tool for enhancing engineering efficiency using state-of-art visualization engine combined with fully customizable views and reports. Questio is easy to use, flexible and scalable solution suitable for everything from L3 deep-dive investigation to country wide high level comparison reports.

Dealing with big number of files is no more a challenge
Near real time experience for regular reports and analyses
Geo-located customer experience analytics
Centralized work place for radio managers and engineers
Heavy benchmarking reports ready in minutes


Achieve more with less workforce
Fair licensing with no surprises or hidden costs
Supports Multi Vendor and Multi Technology
Centralized data repository with 24/7 instant access
Historical or competitive network performance benchmarking
Intuitive web-based interface
User defined and customizable report builder
Covers from single user needs to enterprise requirements


Single site and cluster acceptance reporting
Cluster verification and optimization
Benchmarking analysis and reporting
In-depth drive test analysis
Indoor performance analysis
Network level troubleshooting and reporting
Customer complaint tracking and investigation
Drive test campaigns management
Identifying at-risk services
Abnormal Events Tracker


Standard features

Advanced search engine
Filter projects, locations, cells, files and so on. In addition to standard search engine a map based geo-search is available for easy project and file location.
Dashboard view
Smooth project navigation, combined with centralized file management console and smart KPI overview.
Data Analysis
Easy dive into deepest technical detail including L3 message and session browsers, map view , statistics and more.
Report generation
Effortless manual and automatic production of most complicated report, using pre-defined or user customisable templates.
Template customisation
Intuitive report template design utilising rich library of visual elements.
File upload
Simply Drag and drop the files you need to upload.

Optional features

Drive Test Campaign Management
Single place to request and follow up execution of measurement campaigns.
Customer Complaint
Tracking of radio related complains and quick root cause verification.
Network Level Overview
Home operator country-wide performance at glance.
Export Wizard
Allow export of reports to industry proven formats (pdf, Excel, PowerPoint) and raw data exports to kml and csv.
Cross-sector Detection
Automatic identification of wrong antenna installations.
Coverage Prediction Visualisation
Upgrade capabilities to visualize coverage simulations from radio planning tools in one place with drive test results.
Failure Tracker
Abnormal event management and resolution agent.

Fits into your budget and grows with your needs.



Bill monthly
Bill annuallySAVE 20%
For educational and
non-commercial use. Our contribution to the engineering community.
  • 1 user
  • 100 files weekly
  • 100MB weekly
  • Shared processing engine
  • nmf file format
Become a more successful professional. Perfect for a single freelancer or a consultant.
per month
Save €998 a year, billed annually
  • 1 user
  • 1000 files weekly
  • 1GB weekly
  • Dedicated processing engine
  • nmf, aof, rscmd, sqz file formats
Increase your team engineering efficiency. From service companies to small operators.
per month / per user
Save €838 per user a year, billed annually
  • up to 10 users
  • 10000 files weekly
  • 10GB weekly
  • Multiple processing engine
  • nmf, trp, aof, rscmd, sqz file formats
Cross organizational effectiveness, advanced analytics and premier support.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited size
  • Multiple processing engines
  • nmf, trp, aof, rscmd, sqz file formats
All prices are VAT exclusive. For customers in the EU, a VAT will be added unless a valid EU VAT code is provided.


1 User1 UserUp to 10 UsersUnlimited
Supported Formatsnmfnmf, rscmd, sqz, aof*nmf, trp, rscmd, sqz, aof*nmf, trp, rscmd, sqz, aof*
Supported Technologies2G/3G/4G2G/3G/4G/5G2G/3G/4G/5G2G/3G/4G/5G
DT Files Weekly Limit100MB or 100 Files1GB or 1000 Files10GB or 10000 filesUnlimited
File Processing EngineSharedSharedMultipleMultiple
Data Storage2 weeksUpon AgreementUpon AgreementUpon Agreement
Report Section**
Analyser Section
Report Templates
Results Export***Optional
Data Export****Optional
Drive Test Management ModuleOptional
Automatic Crossfeeder DetectionOptional
Client Complaint Module
Network level KPI layers
Radio planning tool predictions visualisation
Cell Data Files1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Technical SupportBasicStandardStandardDedicated
*Aof file format will be available shortly and is not commercially available yet.
** Contains Single Reports, Geo-Coded Comparison, Benchmark Reports Engine
*** Export to pdf, Excel, PowerPoint
**** Single element export to kml, csv; Full L3 export or custom L3 values only


What file formats does Questio support?
The platform is a substitution of old-school desktop solutions like Actix, Tems Discovery, Nemo Analyzer, ROMES and XCAL. Questio supports the file formats of Nemo Outdoor (*.nmf), Nemo Invex (*.nmf), Nemo Handy (*.nmf), Tems Investigation (*.trp), Tems Pocket (*.trp), Rohde & Schwarz Romes (*.rscmd), SwissQual (*.sqz) and Accuver XCAL (*.aof*)
*AOF file format will be available shortly and is not commercially available yet.
Can I have Questio installed in our premises?
In Premises installation is available only for Enterprise subscription plan.
What payment options are available? Can I pay monthly?
You can choose monthly commitment payment or annual commitment payment for Questio. There is a discount for using the annual payment option.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Subscription is automatically expired after the prepaid period. In case you want to cancel your subscription in advance it can be requested by e-mail. No refund will be issued unless it is legally required.
What happens to my data after the end of the subscription period or if I cancel my subscription?
Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your Questio subscription, you can download your data and save it to another location. You should save your data before you cancel. After you cancel your subscription, data associated with your Questio account will be automatically deleted.
Can I switch to other Questio subscription plans?
Yes. If you need to upgrade, you can transition your account to a different plan. For example, you can upgrade from an Questio Proffesional plan to an Questio Team plan by simply sending our team a plan change request, and we will upgrade it for you.
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